Choose Your Lehenga With A Simple And Easy Tip And Rock The Event

A lehenga is attire which is likely worn by every bride. It is exclusive in nature but every bride like to prefer it in her special day. The recent latest designer collection of lehenga is embellished with a heavy embroidery work, zari work, and mostly women like due to the unique adorn embellishment of embroidery which is trim with a various color of shades and plan and thread it look fabulous. This lehenga choli is three piece attire considered with choli, lehenga and dupatta; it is called as Ghagra choli in Guajarati and Langa Voni in Telgu. This Langa Voni or ghagra choli have got it name according to the custom and tradition but the modern creation generations have brought the perfect name called as Lehenga Choli. Women’s and bridal in India like to wear it as they know what its beautiness means to the dressing.


Everyone have a desire to buy there outfit according to the occasion but first you have to check the cost and the way of pattern you choosing. You want your lehenga to be exclusive, fashionable and perfect but it does not mean you buy a lehenga with an excessive amount for it. Firstly decide your shape, body personality and then go with a selective a designer lehenga. Highlifefashion have bought a variety of designer lehenga and you will get this designer lehenga at a perfect reasonable price rather than other selling value the cost of our lehenga is based for a High class as well as for a middle class people who can also prefer it for their Exceptional Day.


Consider: – Many bride often look at the designer name not on the design and pattern created this type of mentality may fall you down. When you were such lehenga you might be not comfortable in it so young girls if you are in search of lehenga just garb that attire according to the look, fitness and pattern.

Set your budget goal: – As you know you are surely going to buy a lehenga that its true you might also have select your goal of purchasing the lehenga. Totally select your budget and then overboard through an online shopping with a specific budget in your mind.  Fashion Designer charges anything from minimum Rs. 20,000 to a few lakhs for a wedding lehenga. Thus, it is vital to situate the sum, to comprehend what you can bear the cost of without breaking your wedding plan.

State your design perfectly: – Many brides often choose a lehenga with a variety of design. They like the most of the pattern and later on they are confused which one to buy so please remember choose the lehenga which is comfortable and pleasant and choose the one which will adjust your personality. Originator lehengas frequently wind up costing more on account of their extravagant embellishments. Swarovski gems, genuine gold and silver string and semi-valuable stones are a couple of things originators utilization to climb the cost of their article of clothing. Don’t succumb to such contrivances; choose a lehenga which looks great on you, in your financial plan. Fragile string weaving and manufactured stones, if utilized well, can make your lehenga emerge, as well.

Exceptionality: – Selectiveness is one variable that makes ladies pay an extreme sum. Is the fabric agreeable for you Does it fit your body like a fantasy? Does the lehenga overpower you or does it stress your general look you ought to pose these questions to yourself, as you go for different lehengas.

Buy Sarees Online at Best Prices in India

At the point when requested the sort of Saree to wear amid any capacity, a ton of proposals are generally given by some or the other individual in this manner settling on it an extreme decision to pick the one of the such a large number of accessible decisions. The best piece of the Saree is that it is accessible in all the distinctive examples and styles suiting ladies of all ages. The conspicuousness of Saree is expanding step by step because of its worldwide prevalence

Women’s love sarees is obvious from the way that they live hanging it in every extraordinary event. They cherish sarees as most important outfits. On the off chance that one craving to be wearing the creator outfit, strive for the originator sarees that are worked upon exceptionally well by the presumed originators may be considering why to use on the fashioner sarees yet the cash to use is truly worth to make you look dazzling & delightful among all. Here are the main 5 motivations to pick architect sarees as your need for unique events.

1. Quality Fabric Usage:

Planners altogether research and afterward go to the choice on selecting the most agreeable fabric to plan Saree on. Fabric assumes a significant part thus creators keep it as its principal need before outlining the Saree. Thus, simply disregard the ease zone as you will clearly have the capacity to adjust the Saree in the fabric that the planner plans.

2. Shade Range:

The creator sarees would be most likely implanted with an excess of colors. Originators affection is stirring up the shades giving an excellent look. They will likewise have a decent accumulation of single shade sarees. Select the color most suitable to you.

3. Most recent Designs:

You will without a doubt get the most recent plans while choosing planner Saree. Creators do deal with the pattern and set the examples and work similarly that stays in design for quite a while. The increments are likewise made in the creator sarees.

The embellishments like stones, zari work, globules, sequins, zardosi work, string work, and so on are all the augmentations that are extremely well dealt with while setting up the Saree. With the trappings, the general look of the Saree will get to be all the more charming. You can settle on the most recent fashioner sarees from an online store to get the most recent in vogue thing inside few clicks.

4. Ethnicity:

The ethnicity holds much on your part while purchasing originator Saree. Architects do regard every religion thus has a local accumulation as well. A few originators have a gathering of just the most requested religious Saree. Anyhow with online entryways, this is not the situation, you are allowed to choose the shippers you discover most practical and significant to your likings to choose any fashioner Saree on the web.

5. Value Range:

Numerous females are at felt that architect gathering is constantly exorbitant. In any case this is not right! They are accessible in reasonable reaches, the person who knows the importance of value and work that lies behind the making of the fashioner piece will most likely wouldn’t fret the expense to pay for it. It is commendable by all methods; simply attempt once and I guarantee you will buy the planner piece each time you make a go at looking for Indian sarees on the web.

Certain Reasons That Will Keep Kurti In A Fashionable Vogue

Ladies Kurtis

Kurti is one of the famous attire of all the women. When you are in hurry in a certain situation and it becomes difficult to decide which dress to be wear for the event; don’t be hesitate just take out one of trendy and classic Kurti which will suite your persona. Kurti is timeless attire which is an easy wear for all the day occasion whether you want to go for a picnic, a shopping mall, a market, a trip of evening with a friend’s. Tunics or Kurti is best apparel for the entire time visit. Tunics inspire and transform your downtown look into splendid fashion glamour. Tunics evolve a right mix blend of drama and classic taste which will aplomb your heart. Kurti is inspired by all the women in the world, everywhere you see a woman you will see them in a comfortable Kurti. Not only in India but, all over the world the tunics have a demand for its great pattern, a variety of style and its accomplished embellishment on it create beautiful fashion mavens all over the world. Is your heart absolute entirety committed to top of the line, ethnic patterns of the age? Go head over heels for kurtis, blending flexible style components and helping an ageless design bid. Whether they are the conventional kurtis with epic styles or the vogue peers like kaftans and wrap kurtis, the choices are boundless. While the design explanation made by a tunics are incredible.


Kurti is a multi created apparel which helps to create the mix and match option. Kurti helps to create a various sorts of look with just a one pair of Kurti. Generating different looks with just one Kurti is easy and fast!!!! Girls are you under the impression that you can only pair the Kurti or kurta with jeans, leggings, churidars, tight pants or jeggings well girls now you can explore your beautiful garment with a new fashion innovation with Patiala salwar, harem pants, and cotton trouser or with a normal salwar. Exchanging parts, your fitted three-fourth sleeved kurtis will look just as bringing with a since quite a while ago flared skirt and pulverized stole. Since they can be worn with numerous alternatives, kurtis make for fascinating dress.


Kurti is an outfit which is designed for one and all; every young school-going girl, well young college teenagers and young heart women can prefer it as it daily versatile. It is comfortable to wear; easy to suite any kind of atmosphere, easy to carry, gives a better look to the women persona and it is suitable for all body types and also it embrace the heart of the front person due to its attractive look.


The designers have created a various sorts of designer plan on the Kurti. Different outlines, designs, neck areas, creases and slices are accessible to suit your tastes. In the event that you are expecting to purchase a kurti for a gathering or extraordinary event, you can attempt the ones with uneven neck areas or flighty styles with pontoon necks or a curb necks. Choose the round and square neck kurtis for general everyday undertakings. You can tweak the sleeves as per your inclination. With regards to the cuts and fits, A-line cuts, straight fits, and high-low bended hemlines are tremendously convincing and chic. Verify you pick a kurti in a shade that compliments your skin tone.


Kurtis are accessible in a mixture of fabrics like georgette, gooey, crepe, cloth, silk, cotton, and glossy silk. You ought to choose the fabric of your kurti as indicated by the climate in your general vicinity.


As opposed to being immensely normal and famous, kurtis dependably offer that out-of-the-case component each one time you wear one. Conventional yet contemporary, they mix the traditionalist with the mod and make for an ageless innovative mix.


Kurtis are those design ponders that give a female edge to a ladies closet. Show off your bends in eye-discovering, structure fitting kurtis and retro-enlivened kurtis with patialas. They can supplement your girly picture in the privilege way, all while being enthralling. They are certain to bring out your certainty and everybody’s compliments. Purchase ladies’ kurtis and let them bring an invigorating change to your look that is recognizable.


Ghagra or choli is now well defined as Lehenga or Lehnga. It is also known as chaniya choli, is the traditional wear of women’s in Rajasthan, UP, MP, Gujarat, Bihar etc. It is one of the ethnic Indian wear and eye catching attire too.

Lehenga choli is unique and decent dress in India which is mostly worn by bride in wedding as she comprehends what lehenga intends to the excellence. This is a traditional and most popular dress in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Lehenga is basically a long skirt comes with Blouse and dupatta. Some years ago this style of clothing is limited to particular states of India. But now Lehenga choli have becomes the latest trend and fashion in all over the India. The Indian designer have charmed there mind to the latest creation of the lehenga. This well blend lehenga really inspire the look of the traditional custom. The designer have used sequins work, cutdana work, resham work and a most pleasing Rajasthani embroidery design work is created on it which have a floral work with various color of thread which glance the look of Lehenga.

Choli :

The choli is also called as blouse which comes in various shapes, style and lengths. Choli or blouse is a tightly fitted piece of cloth around the waist. This choli can design with mirror, embroidery, zari or thread. Now days, choli prepare according to the latest trend and fashion which is going on around us, It may include sleeves less, low neck, back less, extended lower the waist, etc.

Lehenga :

Lehenga is a form of long skirt which is pleated and embroidered. It is worn as the base portion of a choli. In olden days lehenga’s were simple or lightly embroidered. But nowadays there are various styles innovated in old style like a cut, fish tail, panel style, straight cut, etc. Along with these styles lehenga’s are designed and decorated with many types of accessories. It include embroidery with resham, zari and multiple colors of threads, patch and lace work, stone and moti work, pearl and diamond work and many more.

Dupatta :

Dupatta is a long cloth worn together with Lehenga and Choli. One can wear this with different style. It can be wear like pallu in saree pattern, one side, and two sides, falling on hands, like ghungat and many types are there.

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Saree is the long cloth of attire which is draped around the waist and then the pallu is left on the shoulder which flow at the bottom base till the floor or basically till the curve of the leg it basically vary and depend upon the length of the saree. Women have a craze to wear a designer attire and most of it saree is the one of the popular attire famous in Indian culture.

After buying a saree there is such certain precaution which has to be taken while preserving saree for the next occasion. A better care has to be taken when it is expensive and has a heavy work of zari, resham, sequins and embroidery work. It is very hard to see the saree when it start losing its original appearance thus maintaining a saree plays a very important role while keeping the saree as new as ever.

Have a look over here to know how to care the saree


The saree have a heavy work of zari and sequins work which have an embroidery design created with silver and gold weaved thread. As we know that the metal react to the atmosphere mainly the silver thread react to the atmosphere air waves and start looking dull and old and loses its furnish shine. To maintain such metallic thread the best thing is fold the saree in a proper manner and then wrapped it in a cotton or muslin cloth which helps to prevent from reaction of atmosphere. To prevent the sequins from turning black put a small pouch of ajwaine in your clothes.


The saree are expensive in nature due to the rich use of fabric material. Wrap the saree in the muslin or cotton cloth. Keep it in a safe place of the cupboard away from the sunlight, dust and moisture. Do not hang the saree in a hanger for a long period of time. Keep refolding the saree a days to avoid a certain cracks in the saree. While after removing the saree expose it to the air for some time and let it become fully dry and free from smell before storing it in cupboard


While washing a saree a proper care must be taken to preserve it from certain damages do not take a warm water to wash the saree as it will start losing the color in some cases take a cool water put a bit amount of non-alkaline i.e soft soap or detergent stir the water and just deep the saree and carefully rinse the saree and lay them plane flat to dry in the shade place


Iron your saree with a cotton cloth on the opposite side of the garment. Do not sprinkle water while ironing the saree. Steam ironing is the best approach to press the saree and give a better look. Iron the saree just before a while you wearing it to give you a fresh look.


All the garments must be placed in the air and dry it for a while does not place your garment directly in sunlight more than 10 minutes. While placing in cupboard keep naphthalene, camphor or moth balls to prevent from certain kind of worm. Never spray fragrance directly on the silk and zari attire as it may cause a lose color patches


While draping the saree stand on the carpet so that the loose base end of the saree does not get dirty. A most carefulness must be taken while pinning up the saree use a piece of paper under to avoid tearing.


  • Satins: – Stained Garments ought to be laundered if stain of oil than entirely petrol wash quickly. Never utilize blanch on silk. Use weakens stain removers in the direction of master. Use Simple Talcum Powder on Oily Stain quickly to suck the oil.
  • Shade: – To hold genuine nature, include a cupful of white vinegar to each 2 gallons of frosty/tepid water. Wash with a decent cleanser good with silk completes. Crush to evacuate overabundance water. Never wind or wring it. Never Soak Silk in water for long period of time.

Fabric The Soul of Pleasant Attire

           From the ancient time India is popular in creating the rich, unique and diverse creation of a fabric material which pleased the heart of the women in every generation as they are created from the prosperous fabric material India had a strong tradition apart in creating, dyeing, printing, and embroidering the cloth as it is obviously continuously running from past records. Today the variety of cloth varies from place to place, season to season, local tradition, social atmosphere and the basic availability of raw material. The exceptional ranges of textile have made India an incredible country in fashion market. Till today it not only maintains, but increases the richness in fabric.

There are many varieties of raw materials like silk, cotton, jute etc. which use to create fabrics. As we know the silk and cotton are the basic material which are used for making a attire but as we go on climate in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and North India they are used create the cloths or fabric.

As it is a modern period of generation the technologies have changed the lifestyle of the people and a new machine have published in the market to create modern attire. The craftsman who made these cloths is using modern machinery, but as per the need the craftsman also they have to go with hand work embroidery. The Indian fabrics are unique for their outstanding workmanship, vibrant colors and durability. More precisely now else anybody can wear the range of color combinations like the Indians do.

The demand of Indian fabric is not only in India but also in out of India like abroad, USA, Dubai and many more. They carries unity in diversity as in every place you will find different fabric according to their culture and lifestyle.

Indowestern Gown

    Gowns are one of the world’s leading luxurious women’s wear. Highlifefashion represents modern elegance, fresh glamour and sensual femininity. The brand is characterized by color, print and the love for detail, providing a different logic of advanced quality. HLF offers readymade wear for business, family functions as well as glamorous evening parties.

Highlifefashion brings Indo western collection of gowns in reasonable price. Indo western design cloths are in trend in India, so that HLF take a step a forward to bring this trend in gowns. Every girl love to wear different but stylish outfit on her wedding or engagement. You look no less than a real princess coming out from a dreamy world in this stunning HLF gowns collection. These gowns have amazing designs on neckline and beautiful floral pattern made on bottom part with a floral touch.
In this collection every dress/gown is made with different designs. It incorporates stunning indo western gown having zirconia stones and moti work, gown decorated with zircon and stone work, work with stone and moti or pearls, Diamonds and zardosi work, zari lace and heavy pleates flairs on gown and much more and this all made in indo western designs.

You can make your eye-popping appearance in any of these designer gowns and became the bell of the ball. So if you really want to be like a princes or Cinderella in your engagement or wedding, Or if you want to be a center of attraction in party then go and gram these outstanding designer indo western gowns form official website of Highlifefashion ( in reasonable price.

Indian Clothing Past to Present

    In India clothing style varies from state to state and region to region. Over a decade ago Men’s and Women’s are wearing simple clothes (langotas and loincloths) to cover the body. There cloths are same for all not only for daily use, but for the festival too.

India has a great variety in terms of fabric, colors, threads, etc. Along with this the color codes or meaning in cloths are different bases of religion and ritual concerned, for instance; In Hindu, ladies white clothes indicate mourning, while in Parsis and Christian’s people prefer wearing white clothes on the wedding.

As years passed Indian clothing style changed. Men are stated wearing clothes like dhoti-kurta and women’s are wearing sarees with different style. These cloths are mostly made up of cotton. Because of dry and hot summer, cotton clothes are well adopted by Indians. Along with this, in other regions and state of India, people start wearing some different patterns of cloths like in Maharashtra- Saree (9 waree and 6 waree), in panjab- salwar kameez, in Rajasthan- ghagra  choli, in south India- pattu pavadi, and many more.

After, some decades as thinking of people grows up they started doing innovation in their clothing. They started doing work on cloth with different types of threads like, cotton, silk, nylon, resham, rayon, zari, etc. These works on material is known as embroidery work, zari work, resham work, etc.

For the Last 10 years, Indian clothing style seems changing drastically. More and more variety of designs, patterns, material, colors, and fabric are used for making clothes. Now days, India is known as one of the largest fashion market in the world. Because, here one can get large variety of designs, patterns and colors in clothes. Fashion designers in India have blended several elements of Indian traditional designs into conventional western wear to create a unique style of contemporary Indian fashion. Like salwar kamees become chudidar and anarkali suits, ghagra choli become lehenga saree and many more. Along with this, new style of clothes hit in the market like gown, which can wear on formal affairs, parties, function; Miniskirts; Jeans; trousers; Kurtis; etc.

A Novel Trend of Fashionable Trouser Anarkali

                      As everyone know Anarkali Suits are in trend and followed by ladies, The Highlifefashion have launched “The Latest range of high quality and mesmerizing collection of anarkali suit”. These anarkali suits can be worn on Christmas party and New Year Eve. The collection carries anarkali suits in various rich colors like blue, green, golden, pink.  This anarkali is made with an extremely comfortable, sooth, smooth and rich material named “georgette”. This Anarkali has a tendency to prevent your skin from rashes; since, its fabric is eco-friendly. Anarkali carries a new unique pattern, which makes you feel exceptional in any party or occasions. This Anarkali has a combination of long salwar and a trouser type churidar. The attire of anarkali carries a heavy zari work on the neck line as well as on the hand. The uniqueness of this suit and the trouser have an elegant and stunning golden silk treads embroidery at the bottom.  The girls who like to wear pants can also feel comfortable. The designer made it with the great sense of elegance.

Surprise everyone by looking totally exceptional by wearing this fascinating anarkali suit. These flared NetAnarkali suits are a hot choice of today for their delicate shades and stimulating aura. Get a quick look with fascinating anarkali on which are available on our site. We assure you fastest shipping all over the world.